About Us

We are proud to say that La Tribuna Hispana USA is the largest Spanish-language weekly paper on the East Coast of the United States. We are mainly in metropolitan areas of Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn, Queens, South Bronx and Westchester Counties.

La Tribuna Hispana USA was founded in April 1988, and has made it a point to grow according to the changing needs of its readers and the Hispanic community at large.

Our team is made of hardworking individuals who dedicate their time at work to provide customers with the most effective vehicle to reach the Hispanic markets in our zones of circulation.

Readers recognize our name, because La Tribuna Hispana USA consistently has offered a source of information and news that goes beyond the everyday sound bites, covering the issues that affect them the most with in-depth articles.

Many thousands of readers are cover every week with all our editions had proved that La Tribuna Hispana USA in itself is a powerful marketing vehicle that will help you bring your message across to the Hispanic market.

We know our community and know your target, because we reach it every week.
We can help you get to know it better and become familiar with its needs. We can help our readers get to know what you have to offer and to understand your message in their language (100% in Spanish), therefore helping your business grow. Contact us for help and more information.

Marketing Department